Unlimited advertisement can be seen on Postrader, to lower the price of your product. Our develepment earnt innovation prize , which was also featured in the Forbes magazine.

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Purchase ownership in our american companies which ensure you innovative projects. With our unique customer guarantee we make the most out of your money.


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Your development/unit can be sold immediately on our platform, so a huge profit can be earned in a short term, before the possible dividend payment. Your gold remains if you purchased with warranty. In case of selling, the buyer will send the money directly to your account.

Your sales and purchases can be safely transacted with our system.
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Marketing system $265.95
Developing the American company and structure $265.95
development/workhours $797.85
establishment of operating conditions $88.65
Design of payment system $354.6

Pirce growth based on demand / supply

Projects' prices grow in the ratio of demand and enhancement of value.
You can also sell your development on with extra profit as many of our clients have done.
Average profit of our clients at selling: 10-40%

Customer protection warranty

20% growth including 40% physical gold warranty by our partner.
In case of your references 40% of your purchase will be paid out in gold. If you have already bought developments from us earlier, you can achieve other bonuses as well!
Guaranteed physical gold for our clients.: 40%

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For advertisers:
Unlimited advertisement can be seen on Postrader, to lower the price of your product. Our develepment earnt innovation %sprize%s , which was also featured in the %sForbes%s magazine.
This is the most accurately targetable form of advertising on the market. Its goal is sell the product to the advertisers at the priced desired directly by the user.
Goal: Direct product sale, branding.
We offer a completely new, still untouched niche market for our advertisers.
Our system generates effective demand from the ineffective demand for our advertisers just like a bonus. The clients of Postrader aiming for constantly increasing product purchasing provide us with unprecedented data by wish list function pending from 0 to 20 days.
Product sell on the website
If you upload your products as an enterprise, the buyers can reduce the price of your advertised products, which they can buy at any time, by advertising and service fees usually within 10 to 80 days. Postrader will buy certain products at a full price from you, and Postrader will invoice them to the customer at their residual value. In case of advertisements placed as a private person, the users cannot reduce the price of the uploaded product, and they will buy it directly from you.
For users:
Choose a product you like. Make a post for further discounts, then share it and collect Likes. We divide our advertising revenues in the proportion of the LIKEs, thus we reduce the price of your product.
Products of different price categories are added to the website. Posts are created automatically from the wish list, and they can be shared at social network sites.
1. Register on the website for free.
2. Choose a product on the main page.
3. Automatically create a post from it.
4. Share on social media platforms.
5. Collect likes
6. In the proportion of the LIKEs, the system reduces the price of the selected product that you can take home.
  • Direct shares, Facebook, Twitter, Viber
  • credit from our advertising revenues for the users
  • Placing advertisements as a private person or an enterprise.
  • You can set classic banner advertisements at our website where the aim is to increase your promotion or the promotion of the enterprise.
  • For the upload of sponsored products, we have an extended, complex marketing solution and, what is more, the advertising cost can also be paid by products.
  • During the first 4 weeks, more than 6000 users added products to the whist list at a value of USD 6.2 million, and by analysing it, it is known for sure what type of products they want. Our advertisers continuously pay for this as it will generate concrete turnover.
  • The other special element is that the advertiser can pay by products at our website, which is completely unimaginable on the market. Why is it good for the advertisers? We generate immediate trading of goods for them.
  • Our advertising revenues reduce the price of the products by 70% while their 30% is added to the dividend fund.
We will introduce the improved version 6.0 at the end of February, when we would like to widen our existing user base with several hundreds of thousands new users. We are primarily present in Western European countries, EEA Member States which we complement with the American market. The offered products are provided by wholesale companies. For our new international supplier, the provision of price/speed/direct logistic background was the main criterion, thus we concluded a contract with Big Buy Europe. In the future, clients who pay for the advertisements by products will complement the supply.

The U.S. registered company that runs that supports every market through marketing. Each of our owners have a share in every turnover, thus also from the U.S. and European markets. Unit can be purchased in this company which will make the proportionate dividend payments of the total turnover from the international operation of possible in the future for the shareholders.

Postrader software is covered by international legal protection both in the United States and Europe. 70% of our service fees are returned to the users, which also reduces the price of the product while its 30% is added to the dividend fund. Our system works with 25-30% trade margin, any profit realized through this also increases the dividend fund. According to the current statistics, this means a trade margin of about USD 9.3 million for 100-150,000 users if we count with USD 1,033/basket value.

If you want passive income in a company expected to be profitable and which is the commercial Facebook of the future, join us as a shareholder.

Market analysis

Regarding the structure of our users, we want to embrace a broad group of users. We showed up primarily on the European market which we later complemented with the American market. Regarding age groups, we target users aged 18 to even solvent users in their 60’s who return week after week and pay. Goal: To reduce the price of the product selected by the user to an affordable level that he can pay and take it home. Keyword: We also incorporate ineffective demand into the online market because the market price of the product does not matter.

Together with Postrader, we offer you the best project of the past 5 years.

Internationally, digital economy can be a breaking point for every enterprise, therefore, well thought-out startups, ICT companies covering all areas and other developments are of particular importance.

Some examples for the startup, online successes over recent years:

Income:1,11 billion dollar
User:More than 11 million users in 180 countries
Turnover:net turnover in EUR: 13 590 590 EUR
User: we have more than 30 million registered users and 80 million visitors per month
Turnover: turnover of HUF 25 billion,
User:More than 35 million users
It's available for you from $5,990!
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