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Purchase ownership in our american companies which ensure you innovative projects. With our unique customer guarantee we make the most out of your money.


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Your development/unit can be sold immediately on our platform, so a huge profit can be earned in a short term, before the possible dividend payment. Your gold remains if you purchased with warranty. In case of selling, the buyer will send the money directly to your account.

Your sales and purchases can be safely transacted with our system.
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Marketing system $285
Developing the American company and structure $285
development/workhours $855
establishment of operating conditions $95
Design of payment system $380

Pirce growth based on demand / supply

Projects' prices grow in the ratio of demand and enhancement of value.
You can also sell your development on with extra profit as many of our clients have done.
Average profit of our clients at selling: 10-40%

Customer protection warranty

20% growth including 40% physical gold warranty by our partner.
In case of your references 40% of your purchase will be paid out in gold. If you have already bought developments from us earlier, you can achieve other bonuses as well!
Guaranteed physical gold for our clients.: 40%


Number of users Average spending / user Revenue / year Costs / year Probable divident/unit
100,000 $2.00 $2 400 000.00 $200 000.00 $2 200.00
500,000 $5.00 $30 000 000.00 $200 000.00 $29 800.00
1,000,000 $10.00 $120 000 000.00 $200 000.00 $119 800.00
*The indicated values are estimated.

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What is Currant?
Currant is a platform where anyone can lease their belongings and rent different products by categories.
We created an opportunity to connect people who want to rent from nearby persons who lease their unused objects. The lessor users make profit from the lease, while the lessees can easily acquire the uploaded product without having to purchase them. The proceeds derive from the platform usage fee that incurs after every paid rent.
How can the user earn money?
The user has nothing to do but list his assets intended for lease after the registration and wait till someone lays claim to them at the price and conditions set by him. Thus the lessor can get another source of revenue from the unused, dead belongings.
And if you want to rent instead?
If a user does not want to rent a device, but he is at the opposite side, the demand side, he can browse the products listed on the platform by categories and geographically with a simple browser. If he finds the object he needs, he can rent that under the conditions of the lessor, thus he does not have to buy it for himself. It is beneficial because through our users many products will become available on our platform which will become unnecessary or rarely used after a few occasions; therefore our platform provides a reasonable solution to the rental of these products.
Why is it beneficial to everyone?
The lease is also very beneficial to the environment. There are less unnecessarily purchased products and thus the environmental pressure is much lower. With our project, we try to encourage our users to make a more responsible choice. In addition to this, it is financially much more favourable since the users do not have to get a loan to obtain valuable objects as they can also rent them on discount.
Business for you
Our development company sells 49% of the operator public limited company in the U.S. company operating this development in order to promote it with the most efficient marketing possible.

Market analysis

Current was established after the fashion of Fatllama of the United Kingdom. It’s about making it possible for the users to lease their unused belongings to other users. The lessor users make profit from the lease, while the lessees can easily acquire the uploaded product without having to purchase them. However, while our competitor is mainly present on the UK and US markets, we would like to collect users with this business model throughout Europe, since the area provides a user base including a significant number of for our project.
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