Our goal is to create a sales system where employees and jobs can be easily found with the right parameters.

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Purchase ownership in our american companies which ensure you innovative projects. With our unique customer guarantee we make the most out of your money.


Be our copartner!
  • Exchange rate growth
  • Dividend
  • Trading
Ownership / price






Your development/unit can be sold immediately on our platform, so a huge profit can be earned in a short term, before the possible dividend payment. Your gold remains if you purchased with warranty. In case of selling, the buyer will send the money directly to your account.

Your sales and purchases can be safely transacted with our system.


Purchasable development/unit


Base price


Marketing system $300
Developing the American company and structure $300
development/workhours $900
establishment of operating conditions $100
Design of payment system $400

Pirce growth based on demand / supply

Projects' prices grow in the ratio of demand and enhancement of value.
You can also sell your development on with extra profit as many of our clients have done.
Average profit of our clients at selling: 10-40%

Customer protection warranty

20% growth including 40% physical gold warranty by our partner.
In case of your references 40% of your purchase will be paid out in gold. If you have already bought developments from us earlier, you can achieve other bonuses as well!
Guaranteed physical gold for our clients.: 40%


Number of users Average spending / user Revenue / year Costs / year Probable divident/unit
100,000 $1.00 $1 200 000.00 $200 000.00 $1 200.00
500,000 $3.00 $18 000 000.00 $200 000.00 $18 000.00
1,000,000 $5.00 $60 000 000.00 $200 000.00 $60 000.00
*The indicated values are estimated.

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Are you tired of looking for a multi-hour job or finding the right employee for your company? Let us help and take the burden off your shoulders. We have created an application where you can easily, quickly and inexpensively find the right job or employee for you. All you have to do is enter the required parameters to look for a job or employee and wait for our system to notify you how many of them have matched your parameters and how many are interested in you. We do not sell bagpipes, we want to save you from unnecessary rounds, the time-consuming selection process. We will keep your personal information confidential, and those interested in your offer will only see the Nick name you provide, actual data only if a personal meeting is held. Give us a try, I'll assure you, it's never been easier.
Are you sick of buying a workforce database for expensive money that hasn't even been updated? Take a look around us for free and which employee you like, place an offer through our site. We do not sell sack cats, you will only find deals updated every 10 days. If one of your offers aroused your interest, all you have to do is click on the "I am interested" button and we will send a message to the employee you consider to be sympathetic.
Choose from the best deals from employers. Take a look at our site, choose the job that suits you best, and it will suit your education and payment needs, and by clicking on the "I am interested" button, we will send a message to the employer you think you are sympathetic to.

Market analysis

The online job search process has been drastically shortened and transformed: today, it can serve ads that are inappropriate and well-known if companies adopt the best workforce but offer more sophisticated solutions to consumers. Applications can monitor candidates and employees who can be made available. This creation is aimed at developing a candidate experience for all employers: not only are they available as a global multimedia by employing digital tools of employer branding, but they are also an advance notice of their discovery.

Our goal is to create a unique detection system on our website, which is an additional suggestion compared to portals, if it becomes easy and very accurate for our employees and is available based on parameters that suit us.
It's available for you from $1,999!
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