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The present project is a great development for the owners, where the users can go for a massive amount of $ 0,5 to $ 2 in bulk choose. The goal is to bring the individual products home for up to $ 0,5-2.

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Purchase ownership in our american companies which ensure you innovative projects. With our unique customer guarantee we make the most out of your money.


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Your development/unit can be sold immediately on our platform, so a huge profit can be earned in a short term, before the possible dividend payment. Your gold remains if you purchased with warranty. In case of selling, the buyer will send the money directly to your account.

Your sales and purchases can be safely transacted with our system.
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Purchasable development/unit


Base price


Marketing system $265.95
Developing the American company and structure $265.95
development/workhours $797.85
establishment of operating conditions $88.65
Design of payment system $354.6

Pirce growth based on demand / supply

Projects' prices grow in the ratio of demand and enhancement of value.
You can also sell your development on with extra profit as many of our clients have done.
Average profit of our clients at selling: 10-40%

Customer protection warranty

20% growth including 40% physical gold warranty by our partner.
In case of your references 40% of your purchase will be paid out in gold. If you have already bought developments from us earlier, you can achieve other bonuses as well!
Guaranteed physical gold for our clients.: 40%


Number of users Average spending / user Revenue / year Costs / year Probable divident/unit
100,000 $7.00 $8 400 000.00 $300 000.00 $8 100.00
500,000 $10.00 $60 000 000.00 $300 000.00 $59 700.00
1,000,000 $15.00 $180 000 000.00 $300 000.00 $179 700.00
*The indicated values are estimated.

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1. Registers free on the site.
2. Choose a product on the main page.
3. Shares on social networks.
4. Collects the LIKES.
5. Guesses the number of the weekly likes
We will launch the site with 20 products. Users can vote the next product every third day. It will keep them active because they can decide which product will be the next in our palette. Our products are ensured by sponsors in exchange for advertising.
Various price range products are added to the page. The posting will vary depending on the price of the product, which can be activated with a one-off charge. Business Benefit: Product Choice 0,5-1$ / Guess
At the end of the two-week period, two will take the product, one who has accurately predicted or closest to the final score the number of Likes and the other who has collected the most LIKEs in that period and uploads a screenshot of it.
LIKEs are reset, everyone can go with a completely clean sheet next term. After closing, products that are unpopulated will be lost and nobody started a post.
As a user gets the product you choose, with your consent, we will use the virus video as a marketing tool to receive the prize. Our staff is surprised to call you or go to work or home personally and make a movie about receiving the product.

Market analysis

GIVELIKE We want to embrace a broad group of users in terms of structure. We want to show up primarily on the European market, which will complement the American market. From the age of 18, we count on members of our commdevelopment/unity, up to the age of 60. We want to generate active payable users returning from our system, returning and paying weeek by week.

From the point of view of our platform, we consider the 1 platform to be the best platform as our competitor. The platform emerges from the rest in that it has a single product category, which is a luxury car and works on a unique, very unconventional concept. Since its 17 years of operation, it has been unbroken in this market with nearly 1 million visitors per month. They are user-friendly and have their prices acceptable. Their disadvantage is that they are internationally weak, but there are brands that are known in every segment of the world.


As its name suggests, the best of the best. Only premium-quality products can be selected, focusing on high-value, exclusive products. Premium cars are on the site, but watches, travel, and electronics can also be applied. Tasty, clean and easy to use page. The task is infinitely easy, a ball should be placed on the Y and X axis and you have to guess where the centre is. The nearest tenderer will take home the car. He's lucky to have the car back home. 1 million visitors per month. Each week, the winner is announced with a surprise and a guerrilla video is produced.
It's available for you from $5,191!
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