How it works

With an adequate number of reference, our company ensures you 40% referral comission in gold with 4-month payout cycles.
In exchange for your reference our company buys you gold for the 40% of your purchase value according to the contract.
Pick a project you like, which actual price can be viewed on our site.
  1. Choose from the purchase options
  2. Please fill your data to sign the online contract
  3. Please select a payment method
  4. After the financial execution, it will be registered in the company's share register
You can offer your own development/unit for sale on our platform using a unique pricing
  1. Choose a project from your own portfolio which you would like to sell
  2. Click on the „Sale” button
  3. Fill the required data to sell
  4. Price your development/unit! The price should be given below the current StockBND price
  5. Please accept the tax conditions
  6. Please sign the contract electronically
  7. If a buyer arrives on your offer, our platform connects you, your buyer pays you the specified development/unit price directly to you.
  8. The benefits of using the 7% platform usage fee that your customer pays us will benefit you
You can also make a specific bid for a project development/unit if the price is not appropriate for you
  1. Choose a likable project
  2. Please click the "make unique offer" button
  3. Please enter how much would you like to spend on development/units
  4. Your bid will be displayed to all owners who can offer you your development/unit for sale
If you buy a development/unit (development/unit), you can get discounts on your further purchases by recommending to your friends and friends, so your profit will be even higher.
  1. Choose a likable product
  2. Click on the "Recommend" button
  3. Enter your friend's friend's email address and send him an invitation containing your referral code
  4. After your friend's registration, you and your friend get a 1% discount on the next purchase of the development/unit.

Website Usage

Directly from StockBND
Choose a likable project and purchase directly from the holder.
From private seller
Anyone who bought a development/unit earlier, can also offer it for sale on the website, with a unique pricing.
At a unique price
Make a unique offer to take part in projects.
Redirecting to payment provider . . .