StockBND Developer LLC, as a rights owner, is also the owner of StockBND LLC.

StockBND LLC. is the sole owner of stockbnd.com and at the same time, owner of the LLCs owning some of the projects included in the web-portfolios.

Operator of the stockbnd.com website

Company name: StockBND LLC.
Head office: 906 W 2nd Ave STE 100, Spokane, WA, 99201 United States
Tax Number (EIN): 83-2619007
Electronic mail address: info@stockbnd.com

Rights owner

Company name: StockBND Developer LLC.
Head office: 906 W 2nd Ave STE 100, Spokane, WA, 99201 United States
Tax Number (EIN): 83-2610852
Electronic mail address: info@stockbnd.com


By ordering and acknowledging the website, StockBND LLC is hereby established by virtue of these General Terms and Conditions ("General Terms and Conditions"). and the subscriber service specified in this contract.

This GTC is intended to lay down the rules related to the use of services related to the reception and use of the platform between the Parties, the rights and obligations of the Parties. By accepting this General Terms and Conditions, Subscriber accepts the terms and conditions of the StockBND and other terms and conditions as obligatory to him.

The date of conclusion of the contract is the day when the order was confirmed by StockBND LLC. to the user.

Reliability of information

StockBND and its affiliated partners are not responsible for any damages arising out of the use of the Website and / or the use of the information contained herein as a result of malfunctions or inaccurate availability of the Website, including its various services, whether due to a failure of the Internet and / or Internet Service Providers and / or StockBND or your contracted partner computer and / or client computer malfunction.


This website, the information downloaded here, and any other elements advertised here are subject to international copyright laws and are under protection.

According to these laws, the use of the website is subject to fair use criteria. The information may not be copied, modified, distributed, or used for commercial purposes without the permission of the copyright owner.

Modify Terms

StockBND reserves the right, at its discretion, to modify the site from time to time including the inclusion and / or discontinuation of new services and / or modification of the instructions and terms of use of the Website and / or the termination of the entire website or parts thereof. The Customer cannot make any complaints, claims or sue for damages concerning such damages that he or she claims to have been caused by the modification.

Documentation and Anti-Money Laundering Policies

StockBND supports the use of anti-money laundering policies and makes every effort to identify the identity of its clients. You, as the StockBND customer, must provide us with a valid copy of certain documents if necessary.

StockBND is under no obligation to contract if the User:
  • has any back payment due to StockBND, resulting from the previous use of the service,
  • the user did not specify his data despite the invitation of the StockBND or has not certified the same.


What does stockbnd.com offer?

On stockbnd.com, primarily online, audited projects appear in the portfolio. We offer customers the purchase of ownership rights (units) of a company that includes these projects on our easy-to-use interface who are open to future business, whether their goal a quick return or a return resulting from a long-term operation.

Before the partial purchase of the developments, the buyer may decide to purchase the given development and indicate the value and amount thereof to us through the Contacts menu item, so he can establish a company after the approval thereof to us. After its purchase, it becomes the owner thereof and can operate it in the company held by it, by using its own infrastructure at its own cost.

Our customers can purchase our projects on this interface and then acquire ownership in the US-based companies. In the case of a sale, they can use our platform for posting an advertisement on our platform.

We sell a 49% development in each project company, which appears as 490 pieces of online units in a particular company.

We keep an electronic register here.

The unit prices of each project increase in proportion to demand. Thanks to users' purchases of ownerrship rights, the amount of money that can be used to launch projects is increased, which users can track on the website.


Buyer will transfer the purchase price in one sum at the time of signing the contract to the bank account of StockBND Llc.. If, in compliance with the payment deadline, the Buyer certifies that the bank transfer has been initiated, we can accept the contract price. As the prices are constantly changing, please observe the payment deadline, otherwise the late payment will be subject to the price stated on stockbnd.com. In case of late payment, the seller may invoice the difference to the buyer.

The Seller warrants that the development/unit being the is subject of the sale and purchase is free from litigation, encumbrance or claim and its disposal is not prevented by any obstacle.

Buyer declares that he is familiar with the developments of StockBND Llc., accepts the business terms and conditions contained therein and fully read those on the StockBND Llc. website (stockbnd.com).

The Buyer agrees to have the Buyer’s ownership title registered in the online register of the Company after the receipt of the purchase price, simultaneously with the cancellation of its own ownership title for the units, of which it shall notify the buyer in writing by sending it a duplicate.

The sale and purchase shall take effect vis-á-vis StockBND Llc. upon the entry of the ownership title for the units in the online register. The Buyer may exercise its rights once it has been entered into the online registry as the owner.

By acquiring the ownership of the development/unit, the Buyer acquires the right to use our platform as an advertising platform basis.

The StockBND Llc. company at stockbnd.com informs owners of each project about the current status of each project. The owners participating in the projects can also inquire about the current projects on the stockbnd.com website under the "Contact" menu, at any of the contact details. A StockBND Llc. publishes an annual quick report on each project on its website, which includes a financial report for each project and, as a result, informs the owners participating in each project if a dividend payment is made.

The parties undertake to resolve disputes between them primarily amongst themselves, peacefully. If this proves unsuccessful, they agree to apply US law and stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the Washington Court.


During registration, Users must provide a real e-mail address, name, address, and password.

If you have a referral code, you can also enter it. This entitles you to a 1% discount.

When registering, you must provide the personal information required to provide the service and billing. The registration will not be accepted without entering the required information.

The StockBND transmits to the User, after registration, an electronic confirmation of the registration of the User by e-mail at the registration date.

Once registered, you can enter the user's e-mail address / user name and password you have chosen.

By signing the registration, the user authorizes StockBND to manage, store and use its personal data.

The handling of personal data submitted during registration is handled by StockBND as per the Data Management Policy.

The User may modify the personal information provided during registration. The User is responsible for not modifying the changes in the mandatory data and therefore not being able to access the service.

If you forget your password, then you can ask StockBND to send you a new one to your e-mail address during registration. The new password is a one-time access, after entering the user the user can modify the password, he / she chooses.

StockBND reserves the right to refuse registration or to withdraw it temporarily or permanently, in particular:

  • providing false or incomplete data;
  • in violation of the provisions of this GTC or in the event of any abuse of the data of StockBND, or the personal data of rightsholders and / or other Users, the Service System or the Products.

For reasons of refusal or revocation, StockBND informs you of an e-mail message.



Directly from StockBND

Choose a desirable project and buy it right from the rights owner.

Private seller

Anyone who bought a unit previously can offer it for sale on the website with a unique pricing.

At a unique price

Make a unique offer to participate in each project.

Payment methods

There are several online payment methods available on our website: Paypal, bank card, transfer, crypto currency



You can offer your own unit for sale on our platform, so you can get profits before you start your project.


You can safely make your purchases and sales with our system.


StockBND selling price

The actual prices of each project are shown on our website. Prices vary according to project value increases.

Private price

Units purchased earlier, with unique pricing, are uploaded to our platform by unit owners.



High attendance and conversion provide unit owners with the opportunity to pay dividends after the project has been launched on time. Each project will start with operating guarantee and a deadline.

The Buyer User who owns the unit on 31 December of the given year is entitled to pay dividends for the relevant year.


Buy the current price unit that can be sold by our platform, by ad trading, for a higher price.


After purchasing the Unit, the User has the opportunity to offer his or her share for advertising purposes through our website. By doing so, the User commits StockBND to announce its sales unit on its platform.

Therefore, in exchange for the service, the StockBND platform usage fee is charged, which is calculated as follows:

  • If the owner sells his stake at a profit as compared to the purchase price, 7% of his profit is payable to StockBND, also paid by the buyer
  • In the event that the user sells his unit at a loss in relation to the purchase price, we charge 5% of the user's specified sales price as a platform usage fee, which is also paid by the buyer to StockBND.


StockBND guarantees the launching of individual projects, starting at the given deadline as shown on the website.


Project operation

The larger the number of units sold in the project, the larger the amount of money available to start.

Project status

You can track funds that can be used in our projects on the main page.


Our projects are operated by a professional team at StockBND who creates content, logistics and payment systems for our developments.


StockBND secures high visitor numbers through unit sales, resulting in later returns and profits.


Not for investment purposes

Buying developments on the StockBND site can provide returns to you in the form of dividends. IT does not constitute an investment for you, as the /development/purchase in the given percentage will be registered in Your name in the form of proportionate units for the purpose of operating the development in the US-based company holding the development.

Platform usage fee

You can arrange the purchase of the development/units offered for sale by private individual sellers through our platform against the payment of 7% platform use fee. The buyers pay the purchase price directly to the sellers.



Choose a desirable project and buy it right from the right owner.

  • Select the project you like, the actual price of which you will see on our site
  • Click the "Buy" button
  • Select "Buy from StockBND"
  • Complete your information for online sign-up
  • Enter the payment method
  • Sign the contract electronically
  • The entry in the online company register is made after the financial settlement.

You can offer your development/units for sale by using our platform, setting a unique price

  • Select the project you want to sell from your portfolio
  • Click the "Sell" button
  • Fill in the data necessary for the sale according to your decision. You can offer the development/unit to your prospective buyer in one lot or in parts through our platform.
  • Sell your unit! The price should be given below the current StockBND price
  • Accept the taxation conditions
  • Sign the contract electronically
  • If a buyer arrives on your offer, our platform connects you, your buyer pays the specified unit price directly to you.
  • The 7% platform usage fee that your customer pays us will be calculated in your profit.

You can also make a specific bid for a project unit if the price is not appropriate for you

  • Choose a project that is desirable to you
  • Click on the "Custom Bid" button
  • Enter the amount for which you want to buy development/unit
  • Your bid will be displayed to all owners who can offer you your unit for sale

If you buy a property share (development/unit), you can obtain discounts for your subsequent purchases if you recommend stockbnd.com to your acquaintances and friends, so your profits will be even higher.

  • Choose a desirable project
  • Click the "Recommendation" button
  • Enter your friend's email address and send him an invitation, which contains your referral code
  • After registering your friend, you and your friend will receive a 1% discount on the next purchase of the unit.


  • Electronic acceptance of StockBND General Contractual Terms
  • Complete the online contracting interface as a claim submission
  • Electronic signature
  • Payment
  • Confirmation of the claim (the conclusion of the contract)
  • Providing information on the online interface
Accepting the General Contract Terms
  • Please fill out the form below at www.stockbnd.com and read this document before filling out the Data Sheet.
  • An online contract will only be concluded if you agree to the online contract termination agreement and verify it by clicking on the box on this page.
Completing the online contracting interface
  • The application is made by accepting the GTC and the related data sheet (sample contract) by filling in the claim form on the online contracting platform.
  • When filling in your form, you enter your personal information (for non-natural persons, company information).
  • Please be sure to fill out the data correctly.
  • During the online contracting process, you declare that the information you provide is true. Mandatory data are formally checked by the system and provide feedback on the incorrect filling.
  • If you want to contract as a private person, you must agree to the Privacy Statement.
Electronic signature

You complete the contract online with an electronic signature and you can proceed to payment.

See point 8

Provision of information

After confirming the claim, StockBND LLC. provides you with an information leaflet containing a claim filed and acknowledged by StockBND and confirmed by StockBND for the purpose of:

  • confirmation of the receipt of the claim,
  • acknowledging the contents of the claim (the essential elements of the contract)

You will receive an e-mail from us (to your e-mail address), which you can archive or even print. This is later logged on to the online interface.


Electronic Transactions and Signatures are provided by UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act).

The purpose of UETA is to:

By enforcing electronic signatures, it eliminates barriers to electronic business and keeps records while keeping data management and other substantive requirements.

Scope of UETA:

By defining the "transaction", UETA is limited to "business, trade and government matters".

Only applicable to parties who engage in electronic transactions.

The four statutes of UETA:

  • The entry or signature cannot be denied of legal effect or enforceability because it is in electronic form.
  • The contract cannot be denied legal effect solely because it has been used for electronic registration.
  • If a law requires that the record should be recorded in writing, the electronic register complies with the law.
  • If a law requires signing, the electronic signature complies with the law.


Buyer is responsible for ensuring that the information provided in the application is true, timely and accurate. You must notify StockBND LLC (e-mail: info@stockbnd.com) in writing within 15 days. The Customer assumes the responsibility for damages resulting from the change in the data.


The accompanying data related to claims and feedback on the online contracting platform provided by StockBND LLC. the content of the request filled in by the Customer is recorded and stored. Buyer acknowledges that StockBND LLC. it is entitled to store, process and transmit the data provided by the Buyer to those contributing to the provision of the service. The Buyer further acknowledges that StockBND LLC is not responsible for the security of data transmitted on the Internet.

In the case of a natural person, the buyer acknowledges that a privacy statement must be accepted online.


The rights owner of the StockBND or its partner expressly invite users to comply with tax laws in our country. The users of the StockBND platform expressly acknowledge that compliance with the tax obligation is a duty of the users. Therefore, the rights owner and partners of StockBND are not responsible in any way.


"Users" are prohibited from making or declaring an untruthful fact or by making a false fact as a true fact, to the other Customer, Product Partner that would damage StockBND's reputation or creditworthiness.

In particular,

  • a statement of doubt about the business and professional reliability of other Users or StockBND, casting doubt on its operation and market function,
  • affirmation of a fact that cannot be verified, or can only be verified at the expense of significant and unreasonable interest grievance of the other User,
  • the announcement of information about another User, Product Partner or StockBND that may be used to trick the other user or potential buyer.

It is forbidden to obtain, use or disclose the business secret in an unfair manner. Any such data, information, fact, or solution related to the activity or interest of the other User, the buyer or the StockBND shall be considered as a business secret, which is of interest to the interested party.

In the case of intermediary activities, it is prohibited to deceive the system participant, the potential User or purchaser. This is in particular: Claiming inadmissible fact in a manner that is false information about the StockBND system, owners, assets, services and customer base of STockBND, the User Agreement, the GTC, the guides, or the provision of services under the StockBND system, make false or factual statements in a misleading manner.


The amendments to the GTC by StockBND are to be considered valid in all cases and are deemed to be accepted by the "User" or "Customer". "User" users are not entitled to unauthorized use of the trademarks, product descriptions, graphics, images, or symbols used by their Partners, unless they have previously consented to it. In the event of violation of this obligation, PosTrader® is entitled to terminate this contractual relationship with immediate effect, in addition to other legitimate claims.

The "User" or the Buyer agrees that the StockBND will distribute offers with advertising purposes, and / or advertisements by the User or the Buyer in person, by telephone, by SMS or by e-mail, to the extent necessary for the operation of the system. If the User or the Customer objects to this in writing, StockBND will no longer have the right to access the User or the Buyer with such Notices. The User/ Users agree to this Agreement, subject to the following, in order for StockBND to terminate this Agreement or the rights and obligations of such a third party, primarily to a StockBND company or to another company belonging to the company, or to any other way. In the event of a contractual legal succession, StockBND shall publish this fact at least on the StockBND website within 30 days prior to the legal succession. If, within 15 days of the publication of this legal successor, the User notifies the StockBND in writing that he or she does not intend to contract with the successor, the legal relationship between the parties shall be terminated before the date of legal succession and StockBND may not disclose that User's data to the successor.

This rule does not apply to legal succession based on law. / Pl. transformation, separation, separation, merger, etc.


Should certain terms of the "User" Buyer Agreement and the present GTC (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") be deemed void, this nullity shall not affect the entire agreement. The provisions of the Agreement which are not affected by the Annulement shall remain in force and enforceable; instead, the applicable legal relationship between the parties, which is the closest to that invalid provision, shall apply unless the contract has been concluded by the parties without any noticeable or implied provisions.


The legal status of the present legal relationship shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where the Company's registered office at the StockBND website is located. Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with, the breach, termination, validity or interpretation of this Agreement or arising out of it shall be subject to the courts of the United States of America. A StockBND Llc. such as www.stockbnd.com or the underlying website or website operator, reserve the right to unilaterally modify these General Terms and Conditions. Will notify the registered members on its website about the possible changes, conditions regarding the products, in a short message, which applies to visitors to the site as well.

UETA - Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

UCC – Uniform Commercial Code


If the buyer has a comment or complaint regarding the contract, StockBND LLC. he can contact Customer Service.

Contact Customer Service: info@stockbnd.com

At Buyer's written request StockBND LLC. emails a copy of the contract.

StockBND LLC. shall investigate the complaint within 30 days of the receipt of the complaint and inform the subject of the outcome of the investigation in the same way as the complaint is communicated and of the remedies available to the client when it is rejected. Issues not covered by this Agreement and the related documents are governed by the laws on electronic commerce and remote contracts.


StockBND acknowledges that any information, fact, information, etc. related to the activity of the other party is (hereinafter referred to as the data) the disclosure of which by the unauthorized acquisition or use of the data would harm or jeopardize the legitimate financial, economic or security interest of the rightholder - and which otherwise does not qualify as another secrecy - is the business secret of the User.

The Service Provider shall treat any confidential secrets subject to applicable laws and the provisions of this GTC.

In the scope of its confidentiality, StockBND does not make or disclose any unauthorized part of the information it came to possess.

StockBND acknowledges that the confidentiality obligation it undertakes also covers the third parties involved in the performance of the contract. StockBND is obliged to draw the attention of these persons to the obligation of confidentiality contained in the contract, and to comply with it, which has to be certified by Users at any time.

The obligation of confidentiality is without any time limit, unless otherwise provided by the statutory provision. An exception to confidentiality is the case where one of the above data is disclosed in order to meet the statutory obligation of either Party.

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